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Science and Space links

The Global Experiment 2014: The art of crystallisation Aged 7 to 16? Collaborate with thousands of students from around the world by taking part in this experiment
Ask an Expert Scientific American site
Bug Club For young entomologists
CHEM4KIDS Chemistry for you know who
Chemistry Behind Cleaning Explaining pH Scales, Surfactants and links to other cleaning chemistry resources
CODE.ORG Learn how to write computer code
ComputerLiteracy Teach yourself about computers
Cool Science for curious kids Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Kid's Chemistry 101 Find out more about chemistry
Kids Web The Digital Library
Last Word From New Scientist magazine , search for your interest
Learn Chemistry Hundreds of resources to help you learn and teach the fundamentals of chemistry (From the Royal Society of Chemistry)
Mad Scientist Network You don't have to be mad
Mathmol Matter, Water and Energy explained
Metric Conversion Calculators Help your Mum and Dad out
Natural History Museum Wonderful place and a nice site
NASA The one and only
Chemistry Resources for Students and Teachers Another page like this one with links to sites containing chemistry related information useful to students and teachers
Periodic Table (Visual Elements) Interactive and brought to life by The Royal Society of Chemistry
Periodic Table Simpler version of above from Chemical Elements.Com
Science Made Simple Simple explanations
StarChild A Learning Center for Young Astronomers
Yahooligans If its not here look for it on Yahooligans
Yuckiest site on theinternet Yucky but in the best possible taste